B.W.T.I.B.A. has always remain front runner in all dimensions of education in respective of curricular or co-curricular activities. Our students have always mark their foot print in whatever exams or competitions they appear and participate into. Our major achievements are in the field of academics, Inter-college Cultural and Management competitions.

Academic Achievements

Management & Cultural Events

Ganpat University has organized Protsahan Event our students participated in three events in which they won Second Position in two events and Third Position in one event.

Agrim Fest was organized by RB Institute in which our students participated in eight events out of which they won First Position in three events and Second Position in five events. In this event B.W.T.I.B.A. is breaking its own record every year, Our college students have been winning First Position in AD Making (AD-Mad) since last Seven Years.

The college students have participated in maximum thirteen events organized by Shanti Business School, wherein they won First Position in six events, Second Position in six events and Third Position in one event out of these events. B.W.T.I.B.A. is proud recipient of Best College of Award since last 2 Year in this Event.

Students participated in six events of Arohan Event, organized by the NICM, where out of six events they achieved First Position in four events and Second Position in two events.

Best Event Manager Event was organized by the Management Institute of Ahmedabad in which our students participated in two events and got Second Rank in these events.

Students participated in Crest 2019 where they have participated in AD Making competition. Our students got First Position in this competition.