B.W.T.I.B.A. encourages students for various curricular and extracurricular activities. During the year our students received many accolades by participating in the events organized by Gujarat University, Yuva Vikas Trust, and various MBA collages.

It is B.W.T.I.B.A.’s customary to arrange Welcome Party for the incoming and Farewell for the outgoing students. Celebration of days is the event students look forward to and at campus they come dressed up in the attire as per the theme. Teacher’s Day is celebrated enthusiastically by stepping in the shoes of professors by students.

Teacher’s Day

In India 5th September is celebrated as the Teacher’s Day in the memory of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Students become teachers for a day to teach the various subjects in the Indian teaching institutions. Our institute every year celebrates Teacher’s Day on the 5th Sept. The objective of this day celebration is to enable students to perform on the stage in front their peer groups. It boost up their confidence level and they also try to put their legs into teachers’ shoes in order to understand the importance and seriousness of teaching. The participants are judged by the various faculties of the institute on the various judging parameters like Content, Class Control, Body Language, Communication and Attire. At the end of the day celebration, all the participants and students are gathered in order to know the result of the day and share their experiences to all.

Days’ Celebration

The intent of the days’ celebration is to engage the students in learning through enjoyment and bonding between teachers and students of the institute. It provides wonderful platform for the students to show their talent and skills in terms of attire and clothing. Every year the institute celebrates Group Day, Executive Day and Traditional Day in month of December. However, the institute emphasizes on study and attendance of the students, first two lectures are conducted and in the rest of the two lectures, the college celebrates the days in the college campus itself.

Group Day

The students adorn the same attire to represent their groups. Through the fancy and unique dress code they represent the theme of their group. All the participated groups are judged by the concerned faculties on the various judging parameters.

Executive Day

It is necessary to understand the importance of an Executive Day being the students of Business Administration. The students come in the executive attire and they are judged on their performance by the faculties. This day helps the students to boost up their confidence level and it also cultivates executive attitude of the students

Traditional Day

Tradition is the heart of present generation. One must be aware of the various tradition of the country. It is tradition, which makes the people different from other communities, cultures, states and nations. Every community and class has their distinct traditions, and through tradition, one can create his/her identity in society and workplace too. In order to know the importance of various traditions and to make students aware of this, our institute organizes Traditional Day in the even semester of the academic calendar. Before celebrating this day, all the students are informed and also guided regarding the importance of this day and attire. Students from first year to the final year take part in this celebration and they are judged by the concerned faculties of the college on the various judging parameters like Outfit, Performance and Knowledge regarding the Tradition that they have adorned. To maintain the spirit of the students, college faculties also take part and celebrates the day

Social Activity

Society is the most beautiful and fragmented flower of the country and the man is a petal of this flower. One has to be social by every inch of life. We find many ills and evils in the society such as poverty, filthiness, ill health, illiteracy, female feticide, stray cattle, orphan children, boycott aged parents, child abuse, Traffic awareness, Education in Slum Area etc. Government takes proper steps to remove these social evils in its own way but it is a duty of an individual to take care of all these. This social activity starts from the threshold of one’s home. Many NGOs run various social activity to help these socially victims in the same way our college takes initiative and runs many social activities every year.

Students from first year to the third year voluntarily take part in the social activities and under the kind consent and proper guidance of the faculty in-charge, they organize many social activities in distinct areas of Ahmedabad. In almost all areas of society, our students help the people. Under the Swatch Bharat Abhyan, our student help the traffic police in managing the traffic and also make the people aware regarding traffic rules by making posters and slogans in public, also clean the walls of the college and paint them by their own. The students play street roles and deliver speeches in order to make people aware regarding the dangerous effect of using more plastic bags and plastic items. To make the people tobacco addiction free, students deliver speeches and make rallies on the public places.

Education is the backbone of the nation. According to Vedas, person without education is like an animal having two legs. In order to make the people understand regarding the importance of education in one’s life, our students visit slum areas and downtrodden areas of the Ahmedabad city. The students promote them to make their children to the government schools where they get free education and nutritional food. The students visit Deaf and Dumb People Schools, Blind People Schools, Mental-Disabled Children Schools and Government Schools of Ahmedabad city where they offer school stationary and nutritional food to them. During the winter season, they offer warm clothes, blankets and shawls to the poor and needy people. Apart from all these mentioned activities, many social activities are done every year.


In order to take a break from their hectic schedules our college arranges a one day picnic which provides an opportunity to teachers and students to bond with each other. Senior students of the college plan for everything from pick up to drop under the proper guidance and kind permission of the authority. From this activity, students grab an opportunity to learn management lessons and improve communication skills. It also creates an open climate for the students wherein they can develop amicable nature.

Sports Day

In order to make the students physically and mentally fit, every year college organizes and celebrates Sports Day during winters. Students take part in the various sports activities like Gully Cricket, Kabbadi, Shot Put, Long Jump, Skipping, Sack Race, Three Leg Race, Tug of War, Musical Chair etc. To keep the tempo of the students faculties also play with the students.

Welcome Party

It has been a tradition of the institute to welcome the new comers at threshold by the senior students and the faculties. In the Welcome Party, new comers are introduced to the faculties and the rules of the institute through various cultural activities. It gives a glance to the students regarding the college and faculties.

Fare Well Party and Annual Day

College academic calendar opens with Welcome Party, and with the Fare Well Party the entire academic year completes. Generally, college arranges Fare Well Party and Annual Day in the month of March every year. This party is arranged to offer a formal departure of the final year students by the junior students with cultural performances. The entire program is organized and handled by the First Year and the Second Year students. In the presence of the head of the institute and all the teaching and non-teaching faculties, the winners and the rankers are awarded with the prizes and certificates.

Mr. and Miss (BWTIBA)

Mr. and Miss BWIBA is a 360 Degree event that filters students from diverse parameters. Ranging from academics to art, discipline to social work, people skills to technical skills and at the end is evaluated based on their stage performance in the presence of all students and faculties.

To impart the value-based education and to exemplify the role model of an ideal B.W.T.I.B.A. to the society and the rest of the students, we organize a competition called “Mr. and Ms. B.W.T.I.B.A.”.

To get these title students have to pass through various stringently designed tests and activities which involves academic and non-academic activities. These activities not only sharpen their personalities but also beneficial to the society at large. Some of the parameters are attendance, class participation, compliance to rules and regulation, extents of Social Activity, co-cooperativeness etc.

This activity has become very much integral part of our institute as many students enthusiastically participate in this activity. This activity is instrumental to communicate our institutional culture amongst students.

Interclass Management Activities

To develop pragmatic management approach and understanding about various practical issues in corporate world amongst the students, we at B.W.T.I.B.A. continuously put efforts in term of different interclass activities such as AD MAD, Roll Plays, and Business Plan Presentation etc. on regular bases. As a result of such activities our students have not only developed practical perspectives of management function but also won many intercollege management games competition.

Independence Day and Republic Day

In order to express the feelings of patriotism towards country and to offer honors to the freedom fighters, the college celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day.

Beyond syllabus after College hours

To groom and furnish the students, the college arranges fifth lecture beyond the regular time table. During these lectures, college conducts various classes heading Study Circle, Star Batch, Personality Development and English Speaking. The aim of these classes is to brush up the students in the various areas of study and make them confident in their performance.

Study Circle

The college runs Study Circle to groom the students in terms of behaviour. The students are made aware regarding the current affairs and taught life lessons. Through series of lectures, students are taught the role of spiritual things in life. Interaction with students, concerned teacher talks about the miracles of the universe and research. A new technique of teaching life philosophy through Hindi movie songs is adopted by the concerned faculty.

Star Batch

The college also runs Star Batch with the intention of spreading education among the peer students. The bright gems are identified by the faculties of the diverse subjects and they spare time to guide the students. The group of these students is known as Stars Batch, who teaches other students of the class. Through Star Batch, bright students get in-depth knowledge and other students can solve the subject related quarr

Personality Development

The total sum of various skills of communication and holistic personality makes personality of a person. To develop the personality of the management students, the faculty provides the stage and opportunity to express themselves among the college mates which help them to boost up their confidence. Various tasks are offered to the students by the concerned faculty which help the students to reduces their mental stress and get a new start. Students can be able to make their SWOT analysis and can perform effectively in the collage and outside the collage.

English Speaking

To improve communication skill and enrich English language, the concerned faculty conducts the classes wherein students learn English and get an exposure to express their ideas and thought in a foreign language. Especially, out of four skills of communication, the emphasis is put on the Speaking and Writing skills. Through various novel techniques like Story Telling, Role Play, Group Discussion and mobile applications, students are taught English language.

Guest Lecture

Doctors, entrepreneurs, eminent personalities from diverse fields are invited every year by the college to impart their knowledge with the students. Students get motivation and inspiration from the guest lecture series and make their goal and aim much clear regarding their careers.

Library Activity

Library is an integral part of the educational building. It is said that books are the best friends. As gymnastic is the best exercise for the muscles in the same way reading is the exercise of the brain and eyes. Reading expands the visions of a person and makes the imagination powerful. Under the Library Event, college arranges various activities like Best Reader, Rapid Reader, Best Book Review etc. wherein students are offered the various books for the same and are judge by the concerned faculties. The objective of this event is to make the students read the books beyond the syllabus.

Creative Corner

To bring out the creative instinct of the students, institute regularly runs Creative Corner wherein students provide their creations to exhibit talent in terms of best out of waste, Paintings, Drawings, Written Creative Articles, Poems and many more. To motivate students, in order to ignite enthusiasm in Creative Corner, top three creations are selected every week and held competition among them on monthly end semester basis.