Only bookish knowledge and money making smartness doesn’t help much to the students as well as the citizens. With this kind of deep understanding BWTIBA is putting efforts in making smart ethical students. At BWTIBA we provide an atmosphere of love, faith and transparency where students can feel like family. We are making them real human being not only smart students and businessman. Because today’s world needs real humble and ethical citizens who would be definitely succeed in every roll, even if it a roll of businessman, industrialist, politician, social worker or any class one officer. We look forward to your joining this most loving and whole hearted institute which welcome and love their students like their own children. Our college is most reputed college in sense of its fabulous faculties and activities, curricular as well as extra curricular. BWTIBA facilitates a number of extra activities like cultural fest., management events, sports, library events, WDC, Days celebrations, blood donation camp, many other social services, study circle, star batch, personality development and many more. It is a matter of great honour and proud that __(student names)__ are some of alumnus.

BWTIBA has always been committed to materialize student’s dream in a best possible way. Every past year leaves memories with lifelong lessons and experience, each new -year brings new opportunities and challenges in the life. Our remarkable contribution will be real service to the society. It is my humble suggestion to all my beloved that whatever work you undertake, do it seriously, thoroughly and well, never leave it half done on undone, never feel yourself satisfied unless you have given it your best. Cultivate the habit of discipline and ethics. Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it. One must take calculative risks in life. If you win, you can lead, if you loss, you can guide.

I wish brilliant success to all my beloved. May almighty shower all the blessing on BWTIBA.

Shilpa Shah